Por la seguridad de todos, Estaremos trabajando por reservación con un máximo de 4 personas por grupo y con una duración de 1 hora. Favor de esperar su turno en su vehículo, le notificaremos 10 minutos antes de que su mesa esté lista. Todo empleado y cliente debe tener su mascarilla puesta en todo momento, y practicar el distanciamiento de 6 pies. Tenemos disponible "hand sanitizer" en todos los salones. Le recomendamos ver nuestro menú mientras espera, puede verlo aquí




Pirilo holds a special place in my heart. I would frequent this pizzeria during my college days. The atmosphere: A+. The staff: A+. The food quality: A++. Even on my flight to PR, I recommended it to a tourist who was visiting the island for the first time. There's a great selection of appetizers, pastas, wines, beers, cocktails and pizza (duh). Considering that I've had pizza in different states from different restaurants, Pirilo keeps being my number 1.

Great pizza, and a nice cool (literally) place to sit and enjoy a nice lunch. Park anywhere around the city and take a nice walk to Pirilo's. It was so good, we visited here twice in the same week. Need I say more?

Nicole L.

I know what you’re thinking, pizza in Puerto Rico? Hear me out, this place was one of my favorite stops on my honeymoon.